Event Schedule

Event Schedule!

19/05/20: Invasion of SuperCpps



A new website!

Hello brothers, sorry for the lack of posts in a while, weve been working on a new website so i have not been able to update this one. Im not sure if any more posts will come after this one, so i just wanted to let everyone know in case someone was wondering where the posts went.
There may be a post that will reveal the website in the future but its not certain.


Active Count: June 30-July 7th, 2019.

Hello brothers, as summer is coming up we will need to up our game to keep up with everyone, so i am doing an active count. This is to see who is active in the server and who is not. Please comment your discord username + tag, rank as well as your cpr username. If you fail to do this, you will be demoted (legionaries do not apply as they are at the lowest role)


06/19/18: New Faces!

Today we had a very strong event compared to our previous events, with recruiting from our last event paying off, we gained a lot of new members (and hopefully more to come!). During the event we practiced a variety of tactics, including emotes, word tactics, e alts, bombs and bomb into rooms. With a max and average of 8, it looks like the Pizza Bois arnt done yet!


An EZ bomb

An e-alt using the emotes EQ and EW
Kind of odd, as we were already great!

19/05/29: The Returning Event!

Today we had a really good event! After a good while of being inactive, we came back in a great way with a solid max of 7! We did all of the basic tactics, but we did well with our formations being quick into transition and with new formations being added!


19/05/17: Recruiting and Training

We trained on zipline while ending it off with a recruiting session. We maxed 6 and averaged five, which isnt bad. We did emotes while making formations (which will be named in the future)as well as normal tactics. For all of our new members, i hope i see you in the next event!


19/05/13: Training again!

After taking oasis, we continue to train on wednesday. We gained a good max of 8 and an average of 5. We did a good amount of e alts, t-spams and rainbow-tactics as well as normal tactics to have a really strong training event.


19/05/13: Invasion of Oasis!

Yesterday we had quite a fun event on CP Oasis! We maxed 7 and averaged 6. During the event we did a lot of formation changes, as well as our own custom dances and emotes with the help of Oasis’s functions! I wasnt able to take the best photos but we did great yesterday!

This now makes our 4th server! Lets continue our takeover very soon! IN CRUST WE TRUST!